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    Download Problem Photoshop elements 2018


      Purchased adobe photoshop elements 2018 yesterday on microsoft store.  Downloaded to 1st computer no problem.  Now trying to load on second computer laptop.  When I go to microsoft store it allows me to select install and begins download.  Problem is it never does or completes download.  I stopped and started download five times after 3 or four hours each.  Now it continues to say downloading and its been 10 hours.  I'm using ethernet cable w/ 300 mps upload and 25 mps download speed.  I tried disabling mcafee security and didnt help.  I have payment receipt for purchase but no product code/number.  What's wrong, what to do? Thanks Ric

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          Unfortunately, the download of the Microsoft Store version is under the control of Microsoft and so the problem maybe with them.


          I have seen problems when someone is using AVG or Avast anti-virus software. You culd try disabling any antivirus software while you download. As well as stopping the download, I would also reboot my PC and then trying the download.