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    Segment exclude page refresh or URL no-changes

    H_L Level 1

      Good day everyone,


      Is there anyway to create segment to: all traffic include (or exclude) visit same page URL when user enter site? To me it means exclude page refresh.


      For example, user enter website on page A: URL http://www.website.com/a.html

      Then I would like to create a segment include traffic to all other pages except page A (http://www.website.com/a.html) on next hit/pageview.


      Visit 1: Enter/Landing on Page A > refresh page=======>Not include in segment

      Visit 2: Enter/Landing on Page A > Click anchor (URL changes to: http://www.website.com/a.html#click)=======>Include in segment

      Visit 3: Enter/Landing on Page A > Click on a JS button called another APP=======>include in segment

      Visit 4: Enter/Landing on Page A > Page B (URL is changed)=======>Include in segment


      Please help advise.

      Thank you.