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    How to edit raw photos in lightroom mobile

    terop49558057 Level 1

      I'm on my vacation and want to use lightroom mobile for editing raw images from my Sony Rx100v. My license should allow that, but I can't find out how to do this.


      I import photos from Sony Play memories into my sd-card. I have 'use sd-storage' and auto-import for raw enabled, but my photos are not showing. I can't find any way to point directly where to search my photos, but i know the location.


      My internet connection is very bad, so it is very difficult to find any information. I don't even be sure if Sony is supportrd by mobile version.


      I would appreciate any help on this matter.


      I would really like to use my sd-card and dont have multiple copies of my images, since there is not enough space on my device.


      It would also help to have a link for user manual. Not for online one, because internet pages just timeout and never get ready.