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    CEP Extension, Flickering Cursor when using touch events




      I'm using the lastest Photoshop CC, currently ver 19.1.0 on Windows 10.


      I'm trying to build a small Photoshop extension (a panel).

      I've built a little HTML/JS interface.

      When I use my mouse to interact with it, everything works fine.

      However, when I try using my graphic tablet (which triggers touch events) I get a strange behaviour :


      Whenever I drag my pen (touchstart, touchmove, touchend) in my panel, it triggers the thing.

      Then, when I hover my pen over the main drawing canvas, the cursor flickers and I have to click once to stop it.

      I should describe better what I call flickering. When the cursor is over the canvas without moving it has the right appearance (the one of the tool i am using), but when I move it, it changes to the regular windows cursor.


      It's like the cursor is in-between two states, or maybe it's a focus issue.


      I tried releasing the focus using the event "com.adobe.PhotoshopLoseFocus" on thouchend js event.

      But it didn't help much.



      Maybe one of you has already had this issue.