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    Auto Delete Green Screen in a watch folder


      Hi Everyone,

      Thanks for reading my question. I’ll try to be brief, yet descriptive and I appreciate your time in advance with any help!


      • I will be taking pictures with a Green Screen background.
      • After the picture is taken I will be uploading the photo to a watch folder.
      • I would like an Adobe Product (possibly Light Room) to monitor this watch folder. When a photo arrives, process and remove the Green Screen background, covert to a .PNG file and upload to an FTP directory.


      Any ideas or suggestions on how to accomplish this?



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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Lightroom cannot deal with green screen compositing. You need Photoshop for that. Unfortunately, outside of Lightroom, there is no Adobe product that can watch a folder as far as I know. All Lightroom can do with a watched folder is to automatically import the files, nothing else. It is possible to script Photoshop from outside using tools like Apple's automator or a shell script combined with Photoshop droplets or batch actions which could indeed watch a folder and do everything you are describing, but this is quite advanced and will take quite some programming. Simplest might be a droplet that you simply drag files on or use an external batch utility to run on your images.