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    What way to rubber stamp a textured area and have the texture get smaller with distance from eye ?

    Merlin3 Level 1


      I am rubber stamping a carpet sample that is on the floor of a room near me (when photographing the room) into that room to mockup the room with that carpet laid, and need the texture of the carpet to get smaller as I progress to the rear of the room.


      Likewise I rubber stamp grass from foreground into the distance and it doesnt look right unless it is scaled down.


      In fact any use of rubber stamp on a texture or pattern that is to receed into the distance needs an option for scaling as you go.


      Be it brickwork, stonework, grass, trees, bushes, carpet, anything.


      Fundamental stuff here, so has Adobe considered this fundamental need amidst all the gizmos dreamt up over decades and how is it done ?


      Ideally one would want to enter three values.

      % scaling at rubber stamp source (100%) for the carpet sample,

      % scaling at farthest use of tool.

      Distance across photo tool to be used.

      have Adobe even dial in >100% if tool was used fwd of the sample.


      The progression is in fact logarithmic in a perspective fall off.