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    I copied my pictures file to an external hard drive. I also selected some photos that I thought weren't in my catalog and ended up in an older version of lightroom. Now my catalog for Lightroom CC shows no photos at all. I'm not sure what to do first.


      I'm working on an old mac pro with lots of old files. Currently I have a Lightroom subscription with Lightroom CC. I was very low on memory on my internal mac hard drive and wanted to get more space so I copied the pictures file to an external hard drive but I did not delete the pictures file from the internal G drive. Now when I open Lightroom there are no photos in the catalog. I have the option to import and when I click on that all my photos show up. But first there is a message which says ....The destination folder "/users/my name/Photos 2011 is not available. Using "Pictures" folder instead. When I click OK, I see my photos on the left side with Select a source at the top. On the right at the top I see "to 1 Macintosh HD.


      I also tried to access some photos that I thought weren't in the catalog and when I did that I think I switched to a 2011 version of lightroom. I'm fairly confused right now and need to know how to get the right catalog back. I would like to import future photos onto the external 6 T drive as well and to do all the work there.  I did not back up the catalog recently but I am running time machine and could try and find it.


      Any help is greatly appreciated.