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    Restoring Earlier Version of File


      I was editing a PDF manuscript using comments, closed the file, and reopened it to make one last comment. I then clicked on the save button, which asked me if I wanted to replace the earlier version. So I clicked yes, and discovered that I had lost my file with all my previous comments and now only have a file with one comment in it. Is there any way to restore the earlier version, or have I lost two very full days of my life?

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          Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

          If you have “replaced” the file by saving over it, you've done exactly what asked the system to do. Depending upon whether the disk sectors were actually overwritten or different disk sectors were used for the new copy, you might be able to use one or another third party “deleted file recovery” utility programs to recover the old file.


          Alternatively, if you were using some type of continuous backup facility, you might be able to find the older copy of the file there.


          Generally speaking, when doing edits to a file, it is best practice to make a copy of the file that you wish to edit in case of either some program failure or an “oopsie” moment where you overwrite content inappropriately. When making extensive changes to a file, it is likewise best practice to regularly save current work and make a new copy “just in case.” When you are finally done with your content creation / edits, then carefully delete all those backup copies.


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            carle13315218 Level 1

            Thanks. But why does Adobe overwrite preexisting files? That's not the way other programs such as Word function.

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              Actually, Word overwrites pre-existing files by default although it has an option to save old files. I wouldn't count on what Office does. Rely on your paranoia!  


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                I have a question, if it's not too late.  I, too, have lost a file I've worked on all day, because I failed to save it before closing.  I remembered that it has an auto save feature, but I'm finding that feature really isn't an autosave, as I think of it.  What I've found says if you close the document, the autosave disappears.  What's the point of saving it every 5 minutes - which is the setting - if I am unable to recover any of the saved files??  I'm guessing all my work is for naught and I have to start over again, but I'm really hoping there is some way I can retrieve that document!  Help!