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    Adobe Creative cloud causing huge battery drain issues!

    peterd42872617 Level 1

      I had been looking to get Adobe XD and so installed it to my surface book 2. Since then I noticed that I had a huge battery drain occurring even when the laptop was in sleep mode! I literally went from 100% down to 76% in the space of a morning without ever even opening the lid of the laptop. Luckily this is a brand new surface book 2 and I could track exactly when the battery drain started happening as I haven't installed much at all yet.


      I literally ran the trial of XD while having a coffee and learning session on Sunday and my battery, which typically lasts all day, was in power saving mode after just 3 hours! Given that XD doesn't use the 1050 gpu and nothing else was being used this is insane! Needless to say I uninstalled Creative cloud and XD but, lo and behold the problem persisted. This had me baffled until I found out that un-installing creative cloud does not in fact un-install the drivers and services that were installed with creative cloud. This includes the actual culprit, which is the updating and software verification service. For whatever reason (given that my system is showing relatively low cpu usage) this service was literally draining 1% of my battery every few minutes! Giving a laptop with two batteries an expected life of just 4 hours! Whether in use or not!


      I have since manually nuked the service and lo and behold my battery is now back to normal. I can't see how Adobe don't now about their services doing this and when I look at the forums I find many many Mac users complaining about exactly the same issues with the services that Adobe CC installs on their macs. Needless to say I am not going to be using any Adobe products until they sort out this nonsense. I mean for one thing why would a service be draining a battery to begin with? What the heck is it doing given that it seems to be running completely independently of the software it's supposed to be interacting with i.e. Creative cloud!