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    Unable to capture frame


      I just upgraded my Lightroom Classic CC and i am having issues capturing a video frame. When i import my video and select capture frame, It automatically stacks on the video but not put it side by side.This will not allow me to develop the frame to with lightroom tools. Could someone please tell me what i am doing wrong. here is a picture of what i get when i capture a frame:



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          johnrellis Most Valuable Participant

          You've stumbled over Adobe's poor stacking design.  See this section from the Help:

          To create a JPEG still image from the current frame, click the Frame button and choose Capture Frame.

          Note: Lightroom Classic CC stacks the capture frame with the video clip. The stack is only visible when viewing All Photographs or the folder containing the clip. If you captured the frame while in a collection, the frame will be added to the collection but the stack will only be visible when in All Photographs or the containing folder. Neither the frame nor the stack will be visible when viewing smart collections, published collections, Quick Collection, Previous Import, or other built-in collections.