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    Acrobat Pro DC: Set zoom type points landscape view bookmarks and links to next page

    ezd60532303 Level 1

      I use Acrobat Pro DC at work (version 2015.006.30394) and I need to have Inherit Zoom for all bookmarks and links.


      Here are the steps I go through:

      1. I set up the bookmarks and then use the plug-in to go to Table of Contents > Create TOC from Bookmarks...
      2. Next I go Plug-Ins > Bookmarks > Set Zoom type... and then put it to Inherit Zoom.
      3. The links in the TOC need to be Inherit Zoom too so I do that with Plug-Ins > Links > Set Zoom type... > Inherit Zoom


      Some of the pages are in landscape view and what ends up happening is that the bookmarks and links end up pointing to the next page, i.e. if the landscape page is page 22 the bookmark and link will show page 23 when clicked. (If I have my view set to "Fit one whole page to window" there is no issue and it points to the right page.) If I right click on the bookmark or link and go to Properties it says that it's still pointing to page 22. I've discovered a work-around by editing the bookmarks and links to the landscape view page and by going to Properties > Actions > Edit (see picture below)



      I don't change anything, just click on OK, then OK again to get out of Properties, and now the bookmark and link will lead to the correct landscape page. This is annoying and would be pretty time-consuming to fix with large documents with many bookmarks and TOC links. Luckily, people who have to review the document set their view to "Fit one whole page to window" but I'd still like to know what's causing this and how to fix it. I've searched this forum and this doesn't seem to be affecting anyone else. Please tell me how I can keep this from happening.