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    Menu bar - Animated Menu Bars

      I am rather inexperienced with Flash, i know how to make a movie, do motion guides and shape tweens, and how to make something a hyperlink. BUT i am trying to figure out now to make a menu bar that looks like the one on this website " http://www.broadcastmediagroup.com/ " and am having some trouble.

      i have read the discussion on/by Topic Title: How do I do this? .Topic Summary: Flash neophyte needs help. Created On 05/10/2008 08:28:22 PM

      but the code suggestions and what not, that are a part of the discussion, are just beyond me. Is there a decent place to get examples (.fla files that i could then play around with)?

      I have the Flash MX 2004 "bible" by Reinhardt Dowd (even though i am using Flash 9... ) but haven't been able to find anything specifically helpful, and in trying to follow the book's directions for making a menu bar, well it didn't go so well...

      any suggestions, hints, helpful comments?