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    Lightroom CC photo loading


      I am new to LR CC  and am considering "loading" several thousand photos now on my HD. These are all in directories with album names, originally created under various Win apps.  Now running Mac High Sierra.  I don't really want these to end up in the cloud because I'm a captain and spend a lot of time away from the net.  Creating a convenient index accessible by LR might save time.  Does this make sense?  Is there a convenient way to do it?  My first attempt at "loading" such a directory resulted in an "Error while checking disk space".


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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Which Lightroom are you planning to use then, Lightroom Classic CC (folder based on your computer) or Lightroom CC (cloud-based)? You have posted your question in the Lightroom CC forum which is the forum for the cloud-based version. A little clarification of what you really want to do will help.