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    CC Applications Launching In Trial Mode (I Own a Subscription for All)


      Hello everyone.


      I purchased a pre-paid Creative Cloud plan that covers all apps about 2 years ago, and it's renewed successfully every year to my knowledge. Recently I tried opening Premiere Pro CC, which then prompted me to sign in and activate my license. I thought to myself "no biggie, I'll just do that". It tells me that it was successful and to enjoy my license, only to loop back to the first prompt and repeat the process endlessly. Thinking this is odd, I tried everything from clearing Google Chrome's cache to restarting my computer, as well as using the Creative Cloud Cleaner tool. All of these options did nothing for me, except after I re-installed Creative Cloud my apps started telling me to "Start Trial". (Keep in mind I am signed in to the correct account)


      I have checked my account details and can confirm my subscription is still active. My trial says that it expires in 5 days, and I just want to know how I can fix this as it's become really annoying to look at. Any help is appreciated, thank you.


      EDIT: For a clearer picture, I've attached the dialog box I typically get when I successfully input my credentials. congrats.png