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    exportAsFDF: values exported from fields not in the array

    ddunn@davidsdunn.com Level 1

      I have the following in a folder level script in a privileged context:


      this.exportAsFDF({aFields: ["txtTP.Agent.Broker", "txtTP.Agent.BrokerFullName", "txtTP.Agent.Address", "txtTP.Agent.City", "txtTP.Agent.State", "txtTP.Agent.Zip", "txtTP.Agent.BrokerNo"], cPath: "" + parentPath + agentsFolder + fdfbroker});


      This works as intended EXCEPT that it is exporting values from several other fields ( examples: "txtTP.Agent.FirstName", "txtTP.Agent.LastName") that are not included in the intended array. These other fields do have the same non-terminal parent "txtTP.Agent" but my understanding is that the array should limit the export to only the named fields.


      I can work-around this by first resetting the excluded fields, but that shouldn't be necessary. I cannot see that a parameter is missing whose absence is causing these other fields to be included, and would appreciate any advice to correct this.


      Thank you.