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    Adobe Stock lost my credits, can I get them back?

    katurt Level 1

      I had purchased the "Adobe Stock - 10 images a month" plan for $29.99 in October 2016 when I signed up for the Creative Cloud.


      In September 2017 I stopped the auto-payment on the Adobe Stock order. I had tons of extra credits (or licenses, not sure which you call it) that I didn't need to use right away. I was planning on reordering when the time came to get more credits.


      My license history says I have licensed 32 images, but today I have no access to the remaining credits/licenses I accumulated. They all seemed to have disappeared. By my math I should have about 100 remaining. Where did they go? Can I get them back or a refund, because at this point I have paid for them.


      Thank you for your help.