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    Getting Started with Adobe Advertising Cloud!

    TanmayM Adobe Employee

      Welcome On Board!



      Adobe or one of its affiliate agencies will work with each advertiser to launch its online advertising portfolios and to track any additional ad campaigns. After the initial launch, additional ongoing tasks ensure that the advertiser's goals will continue to be met.

      Initial Launch

      Adobe and/or your agency will work with you do the following:

      1. Evaluate your high-level business goals and devise strategies to achieve them:

           a. Identify your business model and marketing objectives.

           b. Identify your conversion tracking requirements.

           c. Analyze your existing online ad account structures.


      2. (Administrators or account managers) Set up administrative accounts

      3. Integrate with, or create, campaigns for the relevant marketing channels

      4. Set up tracking for all ads for which Ad Cloud will track conversions

      5. (Advertisers who use portfolios to automate and optimize bidding) Set up and launch portfolios

      6. Define bid automation rules that determine how you bid for ads, and apply them to the affected campaign components

      7. Set up, and potentially automate, customized reports for performance monitoring

      8. (Optional) Configure your dashboard and performance data views to show the data that you want to see.


      Ongoing Tasks

      After the initial launch, the following ongoing tasks will be required. Depending on your terms of engagement, either Adobe, an affiliate agency, or the advertiser performs these tasks:


      • (Advertisers using portfolios) Continue to monitor and analyze the performance of each portfolio by viewing alerts, performance data for each portfolio and its component campaign, customizable reports, and (some roles) simulations.


      • (Advertisers using bid rules) Continue to monitor and analyze the performance of each campaign by viewing alerts, performance data for each campaign and its components, and customizable reports.


      • Adjust the various strategies and settings you use to manage the portfolio set, as necessary, based on the portfolio's actual and predicted performance and opportunities for growth

      System Requirements

      You need the following software and account information.


      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0 or above, Mozilla Firefox 3.5 or above, Google Chrome 8 or above, or Apple Safari 2.0 or above
      • (To view East Asian characters in on-screen reports using Internet Explorer and Microsoft Windows) East Asian language support files for Windows

        The procedure to install the language support files varies by operating system. See the Windows online help if necessary.
      • (To view exported files in XLS format) Microsoft Excel recommended
          If you use an application other than Microsoft Excel to view exported XLS files, then numbers, dates, times, and currencies may not be in the correct format.

      User Name and Password

      To log in, you need a user name and password. Your Adobe account manager will set up your user account and create your user name and password.

      Supported Language Sets

      • Chinese (PRC)
      • English (United Australia)
      • English (United Kingdom)
      • English (United States)
      • Japanese
      • Western European

      Computer and Browser Settings to Display Data in the Correct Format for Your Language

      Ad Cloud uses the following information to determine which character sets to use and which formats to use to display numbers, dates, times, and currencies:

      • The regional settings for your computer.
      • The language settings for your browser.

      To ensure that you see information in the formats you want, make sure that both your computer and browser use the correct language settings. See the online help for your computer and for your browser for instructions.


      Still have Questions?


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      Start posting your questions in our dedicated Community space. Remember, no question is a "dumb" question. If you have the question, there are likely three others with the same question.


      If you have a private matter or want to chat about the community in general, feel free to reach out to me TanmayM. I'm happy to help in whatever way I can!