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    3D measurement and record XY-Coordinates of objects/pixels in a room


      Hi everyone,


      I am fairly new to PS and kindly like to ask you, if anyone might have a solution for this problem:


      I have several 3-D pictures of rooms and know the lenght of one side (the x-axis of a coordinate system).

      On the ground of the room are certain (approx. 100 - 200) tiny objects, from which I do have to know the exact 3-D X-Y coordinates related to the left front corner of the room (Lets say, the left front corner is point 0/0 in an X-Y coordinate system).


      So far I am familiar with measuring distances in 3-D using the plane and measurment tool of the vanishing point option (which actually works great!).

      But it is a hell of work (and error-prone) to measure and then to write down the exact x-y-coordinates of each single object!


      Does anyone know an option to lay a 3-D (to the vanishing point adapted) coordinate system above the room and then to record the object/pixel position by simply "clicking" on them?


      I would be glad about your answer and help!