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    Problem in printing multiline text

    Navigator35 Level 1
      I am working in a project using Flex where I have to use printing extensively. I have to generate a print preview and then print the same. As its a kind of report there are lot of text involved in it.
      so coming to the problem, my preview page is showing multiline text properly. but while printing some of the contents in a multiline text is not showing at all. its only happening in case of multiline text. i tried with clipContent="false". but its still happening like that. i don't know how to solve this!!!
      By the way i am using FlexPrintJob.

      for example,
      if my Preview page has:

      Flex is the new age technology.
      One day it'll replace HTML.

      the printed document is showing only:

      Flex is the new age technology.

      please help me to solve this problem. Looking forward to help from you people out there.
      Thanks in advance.