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    AEM 6.3: Custom sling model injector, InjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL not working

    Jdruwe Level 1

      I've written my own custom annotation to find a property on the current resource and to return it. This annotation works fine when the property is available on the resource, things go wrong when it is not found:




      public @interface InheritedValueMapValue {
        String property();
        InjectionStrategy injectionStrategy() default InjectionStrategy.DEFAULT;




      @Component(service = {Injector.class}, property = {
      Constants.SERVICE_RANKING + ":Integer=" + 4300
      public class InheritedValueMapValueInjector extends AbstractInjector implements Injector, StaticInjectAnnotationProcessorFactory {
      public static final String NAME = "inherited-value-map-value";
      public String getName() {
        return NAME;
      public Object getValue(final Object adaptable, final String name, final Type type, final AnnotatedElement element,
         final DisposalCallbackRegistry callbackRegistry) {
      public InjectAnnotationProcessor2 createAnnotationProcessor(final AnnotatedElement element) {
        InheritedValueMapValue annotation = element.getAnnotation(InheritedValueMapValue.class);
        if (annotation != null) {
          return new InheritedValueAnnotationProcessor(annotation);
        return null;
      private static class InheritedValueAnnotationProcessor extends AbstractInjectAnnotationProcessor2 {
        private final InheritedValueMapValue annotation;
        InheritedValueAnnotationProcessor(final InheritedValueMapValue annotation) {
          this.annotation = annotation;
          public InjectionStrategy getInjectionStrategy() {
             return annotation.injectionStrategy();


      Use in sling model:


      @InheritedValueMapValue(property = "title", injectionStrategy = InjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL)
      private String titleProperty;


      This is what I see in my error logging:


      Suppressed: org.apache.sling.models.factory.MissingElementException: Could not inject private java.lang.String com.company.platform.component.text.HeadingController.titleProperty
      at org.apache.sling.models.impl.ModelAdapterFactory.createObject(ModelAdapterFactory.java:650)
      ... 223 common frames omitted
      Caused by: org.apache.sling.models.factory.ModelClassException: No injector returned a non-null value!
      at org.apache.sling.models.impl.ModelAdapterFactory.injectElement(ModelAdapterFactory.java:565)
      at org.apache.sling.models.impl.ModelAdapterFactory.createObject(ModelAdapterFactory.java:648)


      When I replace the strategy by an additional 'org.apache.sling.models.annotations.Optional' annotation it works, but I was wondering why it was not when using 'InjectionStrategy.OPTIONAL'? Thanks in advance!


      NOTE: I am using AEM uber-jar