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    Image compression - Fireworks v Photoshop

    JohnGordon1972 Level 1

      Just a quick question on this. I have been using Fireworks since forever, even though I should probably have ditched it a long time ago, I've always just kind of gotten on with it for odd things, mostly when I need to resize and prep images for websites etc. So nothing too demanding, or anything that made me make the leap to Photoshop which was less familiar to me, and maybe seemed like overkill.


      But now that I subscribe to CC, I figure I may as well use PS, now that FW isn't supported and can be a little buggy these days.


      So, I have a large image - about 5,600 x 3,800px and about 8MB .jpg


      Just to test it in PS, I exported it out to a .jpg, 1920x1280 px, at 80%. Which got it down to 984k.


      Out of interest, I did the same in FW, but that got it down to 434k.


      As that's a reasonable difference, and I would maybe have expected the current version of PS to do a better job than a year's old version of Fireworks, I'm wondering if there's anything I've missed?


      Any pointers on this would be much appreciated, as I figure I may as well do it as properly and efficiently as I can!


      Thank you!