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    Compression from RAW to Jpeg


      Hi all,


      I currently have a d3300 and started photography about a year ago, iv been thinking of uploading all my photos to a stock website to maybe make a little cash in the future, however, i have run into a problem with the compression from my photos being too small in size. below is an example of an image from my Mavic pro, now I know there isn't much going on in this photo but is there anyway I could boost the size of the photo as the original is 24mb's and now its around 5.5 so unable to upload it to Adobe stock. Im currently saving it from lightroom cc, should i not be doing this? or is there something im doing wrong


      (btw this is not one of the photos i would be uploading, its just one i found on my computer, its not a very good photo i just needed an example)


      Thanks for the help in advance!



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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If this is the image that you used for your size comparison, then the size difference is about right. There isn't a lot of image data to deal with. Lightroom CC doesn't have a lot of options for saving images. If you choose the full size option when you save an image, that's about all you can do. With Lightroom Classic CC you have compression options as well. But in this case I suspect the size wouldn't be much different.

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            Nebth Level 1

            Hey JimHess


            thanks for the reply! i use to use lightroom classic and i have to say this part of it was better than the newer one, hopefully they will change it for the new lightroom in the future as well, well ill just have to try get better images i guess, im still learning so hopefully over time ill improve!


            Thanks for the help