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    How can I Expand Magic Wand Selection by Predetermined x, y?


      Hello all

      I am scanning movie film on a film scanner and have several thousand image files of vertical strips of movie film, each with 13 frames, straightened.

      In all of them the sprocket hole is almost in the same place, about +/- 20 pixels.

      I'd like to have a script where I could select the sprocket hole with the magic wand, press a function key (or similar) and the selection would grow by 400 pixels upward, 400 pixels downward, and 1200 pixels rightward (let's say). Then I could crop and have individual image files for each movie frame where the sprocket is always in the exact same place.

      There is a generic "grow" command, but it doesn't let me control directions or x/y separately.


      Example: http://keneckert.com/temp/x.jpg


      Thanks all.