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    lightroom tethered capture

    johnniecrossman Level 1

      I have canon 5ds i use lightroom cc the new one, but i recently bought some lens baby manual focus camera lenses.

      For portraits  and camera tethered to my lightroom i have to use the  viewfinder on camera to set up shot then take the photo with the button on my laptop

      but this is no good for me,

      in canons eos program it has a live view, instead of using viewfinder.

      i can choose live zoom at x6 and make sure using a sweet 35 lens i get the focus and sweet spot nailed first time,

      after taking with lightroom i then have to review it after I've taken it

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          Rikk-Flohr Level 4

          Tethering by direct cable/wireless and indirectly by watched folder import will likely remain the province of Lightroom Classic CC. I don't see a short-term inclusion of this feature set in Lightroom CC. The audiences for whom Lightroom CC was developed are not traditional tether-captured users.