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    Positions expressions help




      I'm currently working on templating a kit and have got stuck on a variable.

      Any help would be massively appreciated.


      I've got two text fields next to each other on the x axis. (Tagline and Time)

      When I type more letters into the first text field (Tagline) I have the second text field (Time) move along the x axis to keep an equal distance from the first.

      I've got an expression working for this that writes as:




      [x, value[1]]


      This is working great but I also need the second text field (Time) to move to a fixed positon when the the first text field (Tagline) is turned off.


      Can anybody help me with this?

      To make it easier I've included my project here. (there's a few other layers doing a few other bits as well)

      WeTransfer  - you can download the project from here. 


      Thank you for any help.