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    New Document Screen is blank

    Paulius J.


      Since 1 or 2 weeks ago Photoshop CC is not loading (showing) anything in home screen (new document window), bellow is a screenshot of what I see every time I open PS. It stopped showing this window all of a sudden, I didn't do any software change for a long time (at least I don't know about it) - just regular system updates.

      I run it on Windows 10, 64bit, drivers updated, OS updated, yesterday Photoshop was updated (19.1.1 release) - I thought this will solve the problem, but no - after update problem still remains. I've tried to reset Preferences, Reset workbook, nothing works. Also tried this solution: Photoshop CC: Total Black Screen Solution (Windows) | Photoshop Family Customer Community - didn't work, can't find any other solution...

      Does somebody know how to solve this issue?