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    problem with one folder. Contains jpg and tf files

    vinsolo Level 3

      These are all the same portrait image,  but they contain different developing processes, as color corrections, sharpening, etc.

      They are all saved to same folder. Other folders give no problems.


      The icons on all are normal. However, many of the tif images show something that looks like a "cut out" where all the background is missing and just the subject can be seen, as if there were a mask on the image, There is no mask on final layer. This occurs with latest Photoshop as well as any other app I can use to open tif files.


      No other files are like this. The do appear normal when seen in Lightroom.


      11,000 other images display normally in Photoshop, lightroom and any other app that will open tif files.


      I am on iMac using Sierra. All apps are latest update.


      Any suggestions? Help? Advice?