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    FP displays a large Play button before the application page loads.


      We had the latest version of Flash Player installed and it is causing an issue with our Flash based Production applications.  We have a few Flash
      based applications (Internal Applications) that when you hit the main application url the user is now presented with a big Play button on the screen.  After the user clicks the play button the application page loads in some applications, in others the main page never loads properly after clicking play. 

      Not all users are getting the same behavior yet everyone is one same version of Windows 7 and IE 11.  I can reproduce the issue using my local instance of the
      browser but when I hit the same URL through Citrix the main application page loads properly (same IE 11 browser version) 

      Here is an example of what the user sees when hitting the application using IE 11 and FP  The page loads after the user clicks the Play


      We could really use some help debugging this issue as it is impacting our Production environment.