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    AEM Page Component <head> HTML


      Are there any officially supported components that allow dynamic addition of <head> HTML such as <meta> tags or similar? Dynamic being an admin user drags a component to a parsys zone that on page load adds HTML to the page's <head> tag?


      If not, is it possible from code behind for a page component using a class extending something along the lines of WCMUse or WCMUsePojo via ResourceResolver, SlingScriptHelper, Page, or PageManager to inject/append String (HTML) values to <head> on page load within some part of the component or component parent's life cycle?


      Which class if any can be targeted to add String values to <head> for SEO purposes? Or how can this be approached allow an editor/admin to add <head> conditionally to pages via something friendly such as a component with a dialog tab textinput/textarea?


      Thank you for any help you can provide!