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    iOS - Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args: ...

    sukhrobik Level 1

      We keep getting this error below when building iOS app. Can somebody please advise on what should be done to resolve this problem.

      ** ARCHIVE FAILED **

      The following build commands failed:

      Check dependencies

      (1 failure)

      Error code 65 for command: xcodebuild with args: -xcconfig,/private/project/cordova/build-release.xcconfig,-workspace,WhamAds.xcworkspace, -scheme,WhamAds,-configuration,Release,-destination,generic/platform=iOS,-archivePath,Wham Ads.xcarchive,archive,CONFIGURATION_BUILD_DIR=/private/project/build/device,SHARED_PRECOMP S_DIR=/private/project/build/sharedpch

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          peters94163942 Level 1

          I have seen many related bugs with code 65 on forums, so it's hard to tell as the previous line is needed, but i think it's related to the provisioning file. You sign a team before build. Running xcode separately from cordova i have identified a clear message about the build iteself. I'm not sure how to configure it, but i was able to move forward with these lines. To be honest i would have liked to verify that my stuff is building without deploying anywhere. Why Apple think that everything what i build with xcode goes into the apple store.

          You can develop plugins easily. From XCode 9 interface with emulator it was working, but in command line not.


          xcodebuild clean build CODE_SIGN_IDENTITY="" CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED=NO