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    Best Format for putting a High School Yearbook on a website?


      Because the task of scanning and putting up a yearbook online will be very time consuming and I want to get it "right" the first time. I don't want to spend months getting it up online, only to realize I "should" have done it another way.


      I'm guessing there might be a consensus by you experts as to what looks best and is most efficient. I think many others use Dreamweaver because it is considered "compliant" with accepted standards. I want my websites to be that way also. I'm NOT a webmaster expert but have put together several websites over the years. I hate when I go to another website and see/realize that I should have done something differently on one of mine.


      Being a part-time pro photographer, I plan on scanning pages at a high resolution with all default settings off (including sharpening). I'll then open the scanned images up individually and edit them in Adobe Photoshop CS6, as I would one of my photos.


      As a photographer posting photos on the internet, I know certain things are NOT in the grey area...like you should shoot in RAW (and not JPEG), you should convert the final product in sRGB if you're shooting in sRGB. You should sharpen AFTER you resize your photo. For high ISO shots, you should clean up noise. Posted photos should not be higher than 600 pixels for general web viewing, etc. I think that the proper format of posting a yearbook on a website (PDF, GIF, JPEG, etc.) would have general compliance standards as does creating photos for a website.


      Help me, please. Thanks.