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    Sony A7RIII: timestamp, rotate issues

    jimtron Level 1

      Using LRCC 7.2, CR 10.2. When importing .arw files shot with A7RIII from SD card, it usually works fine, but occasionally (with this LR version and the previous one)  some images were not rotated properly (not a camera setting problem, because from the same shoot some verticals will be rotated and others not), and also metadata timestamp was off. I'd shoot a series of photos at one location, then a couple hours later at a second location. But after ingesting (and converting to DNG), the two sessions got intermingled, like a checkerboard; back and forth between the two sessions.


      Checking timestamp, somehow that got changed...one shot from first session followed by shot from second session (a minute later), then next minute back to first session and so on.


      Anyone heard of this, and know of any fixes?