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    Unpredictable problems


      I've been developing a small program used to manage the layout in large industries. It has been working fine for a long time now, but today something very odd happend.

      The problem is unpredictable, and does not appear in all cases. Anyway, the problem results in the follwing error message:

      "Handler not defined"

      The strange thing is that the handlers are defined, and they have been working without any problem for a long time. Often, but not always, the handlers are called from the startMovie handler. In some cases, restarting Director makes the problem go away for some time.

      As I'm not an experienced programmer, nor an advanced Director user, this problem might have a simple solution. I would really appreciate all help!

      Thanks in advance.

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          Is this problem showing up during runtime or during authoring? The most
          common reason for a "handler not found" error is a missing Xtra during

          If the problem shows up during runtime, try setting the option "Display
          full script error text" in the Projector publishing tab of the Publish
          settings. This will probably show you a better explanation of the
          problem. Are your xtras included in the projector or is there an
          external xtras folder? If the xtras are in the projector then creating a
          new projector may solve the problem.

          Is the problem happening on the same computer or is the problem
          happening on various computers? If you can narrow the problem to a
          specific computer or a specific OS version, then that may help to point
          out the problem. For instance, does the error only show on Win 2000?

          Rob Dillon
          Adobe Community Expert

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            nkls Level 1
            The problem occurs in both authoring and runtime. In fact, for now, the problem is solved by putting all the affected handlers in the same castmember. Onfurtunately I believe this is not the final solution.

            If it occurs again, I will try the things you recommended. Thank you very much!