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    Producers: A new Adobe Exchange is coming!

    Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee
      Dear Producer,
      We are excited to announce our new and improved Add-ons marketplace, Adobe Exchange. As many know, we pushed the release back. This gave Producers extra time to prepare assets according to the new guidelines, and Adobe time to deliver an even better marketplace on launch. As a unified destination that brings third-party integrations with Creative Cloud, Document Cloud & Experience Cloud under a single umbrella, Adobe Exchange will make it easier for your customers to discover and install integrations that expand and enhance what they can achieve on Adobe’s Clouds.
      The new Adobe Exchange marketplace will go live for your customers on March 5, 2018, and the Exchange Producer Portal will be available for you to update and create new listings starting February 15, 2018. Note you will no longer be able to make any changes to your listing on the current Add-ons site after the cut-over on February 15, 2018, but the Add-ons site will remain up for your customers until the new Adobe Exchange marketplace replaces it. If you have existing listings published on Exchange we suggest going to the new site from February 19th to allow sufficient time for all your listings to be migrated.
      We’ve published the details of what you need to know to prepare for the transition, and will post new updates here.
      What's New
      Improvements include enhanced listings with video support, SEO optimization, alternate install options, and a brand-new design to help you get your products discovered through an enhanced customer experience, but this is just the start. We have big plans with many new features in the pipeline for our next generation platform including private sharing, and multiple file zxp packaging and much more. You can find further information here, or contact us at avetting@adobe.com if you have any additional questions.
      Thank You!
      Adobe Exchange Team