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    How to update 32-bit Photoshop on 64-bit Windows?

    Aaron Kelley Level 1

      I need both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Photoshop (32-bit is to support an old plugin, in particular, the TWAIN scanning plugin).  Adobe still makes the 32-bit version available as a download because the Creative Cloud app does not have a mechanism to install it.  (Download Photoshop)


      Question — How do I update 32-bit Photoshop?  I applied the updates from yesterday and realized that 64-bit Photoshop is sitting at 19.1.1 while 32-bit is still 19.0.  Previously, the Creative Cloud app would handle updating the 32-bit version even if it would not handle the initial install.  Now, however, it seems to totally ignore it.


      I can't find standalone downloads for the updates, and if I select the "Check for updates" option inside of Photoshop it just launches the Creative Cloud app.