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    store persistent settings between photoshop sessions




      I know this is a recurring topic and I do know it is possible to store settings between extendscript runs via putCustomOptions.

      What I'm interested in is if it's possible to store these between sessions of running photoshop. (In my tests that didn't work)


      Some more info:

      I have a master panel extension that is running a set of tools which are in extendscript.

      With cep I can easily write my own settings to json but I do like the modular setup I have now - also I prefer having the individual tools control their own UI's which are much easier to hook up with extendscript code.


      I know how to call extendscript from the panel with parameters but I'm not sure if the reverse is possible..?

      If yes, I could somehow send an object back from extendscript I could serialize it there.


      Any pointers are greatly appreciated! Thanks!