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    AEM 6.3: experience fragments linking

    Jdruwe Level 1

      I am having trouble wrapping my head around an issue concerning experience fragments and linking. Let my simplify our setup.


      - A blueprint page called 'team' @ '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/team'

           - Page contains a simple link component that refers to '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder' (lets refer to this as the founder-link-component)

      - A rollout LiveCopy page @ '/content/www-company-com/en/team'

           - Page contains a founder-link-component that refers to '/content/www-company-com/en/founder'


      As you can see the rollout automatically converted '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder' into '/content/www-company-com/en/founder' as expected. Now lets insert experience fragments.


      I want to shift the founder-link-component into an experience fragment because it's reused on multiple pages (outside of the 'team' page). So now I have an experience fragment with a founder-link-component linking to '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder'. I can include the experience fragment in my page @ '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/team' but things start to get 'annoying' when I open the LiveCopy page: the founder-link-component (from inside the experience fragment) still links to '/content/platform-blueprints/company/en/founder' and NOT to '/content/www-company-com/en/founder'.


      Is there any way to make this work or is this just how experience fragments are designed? Thanks in advance!