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    Buffering Time is ignored


      on Flash CS3, on a movie with AS2.0, Flash 8 export settings I am using the FLVplayback component, and I am setting the Buffering time to 10 seconds, so when viewed online the flash movie pre-buffers the flv enough so it won't break while playing. The flv I a loading is 5MB so I need to do this prebuffering.

      However, when tested online the ovie only waits half or one second and then plays... (for a technical reason I cannot test offline btw, so I always have to upload to the server).

      How do I actually force the flv to be streamed for the time I ask and play after that time has passed?

      If my problem is not clear enough I will reply asap with more info.

      Thank you,


      link to screengrab of my properties window: http://www.vcdc.gr/images/penlix_images/properties.jpg
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          clbeech Level 3
          the docs state that for a progressively downloaded FLV there is little benefit from increasing the bufferTime property - so unless your using a FCS (Flash Communication Server) and a 'rtmp' address you won't be able to effect it.

          However I suppose what one could do would be to use the event handlers to initiate a 'timed delay'. this would mean that when a user calls for the load to begin you start the load, 'stop' the playback, disable the controls, and start a timer with a progress indicator for the user. Then when the 'time' is complete - start up the FLV.
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            kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            i don't think that will help playback, clb. unless the entire flv is downloaded, the streaming is going to restart and nothing will be loaded from the user's cache.