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    Textinput Cursor

      I have a textinput control that I am using to display some short text. I took the border off, added a nice rounded corner and want to get rid of the text selection cursor on mouse over of the text. I tried adding an event listener for mouse over then change the cursor to a png I have and it changes the cursor alright but it still shows the text selection bar as well. Very strange. I then tried to hide/remove the cursor before changing the cursor with cursormanager and that didn't work either.

      Is it possible to remove the text selection cursor on mouse over of a textinput?

      var txtI:TextInput = new TextInput();
      txtI.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OVER, setMagCursor, false);
      txtI.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, removeMagCursor, false);


      private function setMagCursor(evt:MouseEvent):void
      cursorID = CursorManager.setCursor(magIcon);

      private function removeMagCursor(evt:MouseEvent):void

      Anyone have any ideas? When I disable the textinput it doesn't show the text selection cursor anymore but I don't really want to do that cause I am changing the background color and I just get gray then.