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    Pulling information from a digital certificate.

    SIPRNet11 Level 1

      Ok, I've tried figuring this out so now I'm asking the experts.


      Is there a way to pull information from a digital certificate and input that information into a text field?


      When I look into the certificate viewer in the Details tab, I see the data I want.  It's included with other information...here's how it looks:


      Name = Subject

      Value = cn=lastname.firstname.middlename.1234567890


      I want to pull the '1234567890' and input it into a text field.  I'm trying to eliminate the user from filling in the information. We are CONSTANTLY having to look up the information because they typed it in wrong.


      Is this possible?





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          Thom Parker Adobe Community Professional

          Yes there is. The Acrobat JavaScript model has several properties/functions that provide security information.

          For example, here's the entry in the JavaScript reference for the security object:

          Acrobat DC SDK Documentation


          But, digital certificates are usually in a signature field. If this is the case then this code returns the signature info object which is full of all kinds of stuff.


          var sigInfo = getField( "Signature1" ).signatureInfo();


          Look up the signature info object in the Acrobat JavaScript Reference.