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    Sorting of LR photos by capture date/time


      I have a need to be able to sort my photos by the date and time they were taken.  I have already imported the raw files into LR Classic.  I need to export them as .jpg in the time they were taken not the file name.  I use 2 cameras for events and am randomly using both cameras.  When I import them they are sorted by filename.  I want to sort them in order of time they were taken to give to my clients in that order.  I know I could prior to importing them into LR sort by date and do a batch rename in Windows explorer then import them into LR, which I could then sort in the order of time taken but I have already imported them into LR and done edits on over 500 images.  I can't do the sorting after exporting from LR to .jpg because the time stamp is the time they were exported not created.

      Anyone know of a solution.  I can't find anywhere in LR to sort by time taken prior to export or during the export process.

      Help would be appreciated.

      Thank you much!