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    Ae CC 2018 - create an animation from two images(two comp)


      Hi to all,

      i'm beginner for Ae CC 2018.

      I would like to create an animation inside a single project from simply two jpg images(two comp).

      But i can't create a only composition for simply animation. (my project example).

      I'd insert first image and second image and I'd create the compositions.

      I'd drag and drop the composition into panel timeline.

      I'd apply effects on every compositions.

      I'd try a pre-composition to resolve.

      I'd create a pre-composition selecting two compositions and text layers. (from menu Layers choose pre-comp)

      But I 'd find a problem.

      I can see in panel composition two images - first image above second image. I can't go over.

      (I can apply animation effects on images and I can apply text effects,ok there are no problem.)

      I'm not sure that it's a correct procedure to create a global animation.

      Well, I would like to create a simple global animation appending the second composition to first composition.

      I'd find inside Adobe online manual - section composition but i can't find a really suggestion.

      I'd find into Adobe video tutorial but i can't find any helpful info or really guide.

      I'm sorry for simply question but I've no any resource to get help.

      Thank y for any help!.