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    Importing from Apple Photo


      Hi everybody,

      I've read some discussions on this topic but could not find the precise answer on my question:

      is there a way to import pictures from Apple Photo so that all of these issues are assured:

      - import originals into Lightroom CC

      - with all the keywords set in Apple Photo preserved


      I fear that I can't get both: I've read how to import in Lightroom CC from a Apple Photo originals and I've read how to import processed pictures with keywords. I haven't found a clear explanation if and how i can get both


      Any hint?

      Please help me! I've 15 years of my life's pictures (80k, 1Tb) all with their keywords for easy smart album.


      Best regards,


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          Dr_Ted Level 1

          Any hint?

          Please I really need help.

          I was a massive amateur Aperture user. Nowadays it's not usable anymore.

          I unfortunately passed to Apple Photo, which is absolutely not able to manage RAW files.

          I decided to pass to LR CC which is simply fabulous (I wish I did it before!!!)


          Now I have something like 90.000 pictures, mostly with RAW file (1 Tb memory space)

          All pictures have keywords and many have been edited.


          Can anyone give me this simple answer?

          Is it possible to import from Apple Photo to Lightorrom cc pictures (RAW file masters also obviously) with keywords? Also edited pictures? If yes, how?


          Please, please. please
          I'm really stuck now



          Best regards,


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            I am considering installing LR 6 trial and using a plugin to import from Photo, then migrating the catalog to LR CC. It is really a bummer that there is zero information out there on this topic.

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              selondon Adobe Community Professional

              You’d have to upgrade to Classic though to use the Lightroom CC Migration Tool I believe.

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                timk47363725 Level 1

                There is no plugin for Photos, only iPhoto and Aperture. The solution is to find the "Masters" folder inside the Photos library. (Right click and hit "show contents".) Copy Masters to the desktop and then import to Lightroom from there. Edits are preserved (I think Photos must use destructive editing). It wont copy over album structure, etc.


                So there is a migration tool in classic?

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                  selondon Adobe Community Professional

                  Sorry, I mean the Migration Tool (well Menu Item) that is in the cloud centric Lightroom CC. It migrates Lightroom Classic Catalogs to Lightroom CC.


                  (You have to upgrade Lightroom 6 to Lightroom Classic though for Lightroom CC to migrate a Catalog).


                  I don‘t know of any migration tools from Photos to Lightroom Classic.... and what you suggest above is what I have read elsewhere.