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    I cannot update Photoshop


      I've spent the last few hours trying to update Photoshop.

      I keep getting the message "The update server is not responding. The server might be offline temporarily, or the Internet or firewall settings may be incorrect."

      I am running a PC with Windows 10.


      Things I have already tried:

      -Turning off my firewall, no change

      -Checked if the adobe servers are down, they are not.

      -Checked to see if I have a Microsoft Virtual Adapter to disable.

      I do not have any of these, which are the ones adobe says to disable:

      • Microsoft Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter
      • Microsoft Wi-Fi Direct Virtual Adapter
      • Microsoft Hosted Network Virtual Adapter

      -I tried looking for an update file to manually download. I can't seem to find any after 2014.


      Adobe makes it EXTREMELY difficult to actually get in touch with them and I'm at my wits end.

      I just want to update this program so I can download a small plugin.