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    Print module colour profile issue



      I am having a very frustrating issue in the lightroom print module. After selecting the approriate ICM printer profile, the output print turns out to be horrible (color shift, exposure shift - looks posterised). I have done some trouble shooting and have isolated the issue to the handling of the profiles in Lightroom (if I print outside of lightroom, then there is no issue). The profiles are otherwise correctly detected by Lightroom, and performing soft-proofing gives me satisfactory results on-screen in the develop module.


      I am using an Epson L1800 printer (no colour adjustment in driver, only handled by Lightroom). If I let the printer driver handle the colour adjustment, then the print turns out fine (I cannot use this solution because I can't select the custom ICM profile in the driver).


      I am using Lightroom 6.14 on windows 10.


      Has anyone here encountered a similar issue? Any solutions?


      Thanks in advance