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      I cannot connect with Contribute. I have Contribute 4 (mac) and 3 (windows). Neither can connect. "Unknown error probably related to permissions." The index.htm file is inside a folder with the websites name. I put 1234.net in the following but it is something real. I use the same settings with WS_FTP & Dreamweaver without a hitch. The Hosting company denies any changes or issues. Any help is appreciated. It leaves completely unable to use Contribute.

      Date: 5/13/2008
      LocalTime: 21:39
      Host: ftp.1234.net
      LoginID: xxxxx
      Path: /1234.net/
      Passive Enabled: false
      ProxyHost: NoneContribute Alternate Rename: no
      Contribute Optimized: yes
      ======================== Test Results ==========================

      NOTE: "ProFTPD Server" has been detected. For more information on FTP server compatibility issues, please see
      Login: SUCCESS!
      Changing Directory To: /1234.net/ SUCCESS!
      Directory Listing Test: SUCCESS!
      Make Directory Test: SUCCESS!
      Change Directory Test: SUCCESS!
      Upload a File Test: SUCCESS!
      Fallback Test for Optimization: SUCCESS!
      Server State Test: SUCCESS!
      File/Directory NameExists Test: Contribute Optimized: no
      Server State Test: SUCCESS!
      File/Directory NameExists Test: ACCESS_DENIED - Permissions or likely permissions failure.

      ----------------------- FTP log from the last operation ----------------------
      > CWD /leighty.net/mm_diagnose_2I2ND
      < 250 CWD command successful
      > PORT 192,168,2,24,193,137
      < 200 PORT command successful
      > TYPE I
      < 200 Type set to I
      > SIZE upload_test1_reg_.htm
      < 213 26
      > RETR upload_test1_reg_.htm
      < 150-Starting Transfer
      < 150-Downloading
      < 150-Checking file
      < 150 Starting Transfer
      < 226 Transfer Complete
      Cleaning Test File: SUCCESS!
      Cleaning Test Directory: SUCCESS!