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    Lightroom 6 update fails

    DawnPS Level 1

      I recently installed Lightroom 6 to my second computer (mac air). Help/updates option grayed out. I found on a thread on these forums that I needed to delete a file in the adobe library called AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat.


      That worked, and I clicked  Updates. It told me I needed to download the installer and I followed its link, eventually installing what was called Lightroom CC 2015.


      I now have Lightroom 6.14, but it crashes each time I open it, or if not then, it won't let me  do anything then it crashes anyway.


      I have sent the crash report to Adobe but so far only get an automated response saying they don't know the answer. I might have to get rid of it all and reinstall Lightroom from scratch. Any other ideas?


      Thanks in advance