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    CFC runs very slow...

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      I have some code that imports the contents of an Excel spreadsheet into my database, during the import process I also do a fair amount of data massaging. When I run this code straight from a URL it completes in about 90 seconds. When I encapsulate the exact same code into a CFC function and call it from my Flex application the run time jumps to around 10 minutes. Is there something about calling a CFC function from within Flex that I am missing here? The only differences in the code are a few passed in variables (which are hard coded in the URL version) and the CFFunction tags. The differences are trivial so I don't see how they could be accounting for the extra time.

      Any thoughts on why the CFC runs so much slower than the CFM??? Oh... I am running CF 7.02 and my client will be on that platform for the foreseeable future. The front end was developed using Flex 2.0.

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