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    Latest Photoshop Update Broken


      Installed the latest update of Photoshop/Lightroom Classic CC last night. Seems completely broken.

      Photoshop version (reported by Adobe Creative Cloud App) 19.1.1

      Lightroom Classic CC version (reported by Adobe Creative Cloud App) 7.2

      Operating System Windows 10 Home




      1. From Lightroom,  edit in photoshop,  opens layered tiffs without the layers,  shows only a background "flattened" image

      2. Trying to open photoshop stand alone i.e. not lauching from Lightroom silently fails. No error dialogs, no splash screen just silently fails to start.


      Is this just my installation or is anybody else having issues?

      Can anybody suggest how I should resolve this?


      I'm fairly new to LR/PS. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.