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    Impossible signature


      Hi guys!


      I'm trying sign a pdf. The thing is:


      - No browser can read it, adobe reader can't read it, but adobe acrobat can and even allowed me to file it.

      - When I try to sign, the "sign" item stays gray.

      - I can sign other pdfs.

      -  Document's properties say signature is allowed.


      Does anyone know how to make this work?



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          cadbury Adobe Employee

          Dear user ,


          Thank you for reporting the issue. Please could you confirm the permissions, specially Signing and Changing the Document, that are allowed for the document. Secondly, do you have a signature form field on the pdf? If signing is allowed for a protected document, you can sign in any signature field already present in the form. But you cannot place any new signature box in the field .

          Also, since you are not able to open the file in Reader, can  you please go to Preferences by Ctrl+K -- Security(Enhanced) -- Uncheck Protected Mode at startup . Close Reader, launch Reader again and try opening the file .